Our Services

Stone Carving

I have sculpted for neo-gothic churches and chapel, and other historically important buildings in Chicago area.

  • Architectural details
  • Fireplaces
  • Figures
  • Fountains
  • and others…

You will be able to see examples of my work including a piece of sculpture carved from stone in the gallery, currently under construction.


I can repair any building stone by patching or by introducing elements carved from the stone, called “dutchmen”, into the damaged area and setting with cement based glue or epoxy.
I create, repair and reproduce all damaged decorative elements of historical or aesthetic value such as decorative.

  • Stones & Terra-cotta
  • Reconstruction
  • Facade, Sculptures cleaning
  • Preservations


  • Preservation of historic properties.
  • Conservation of decorative ornaments in stone.
  • Carving and modeling any design of architectural details and sculpture.
  • Including soft and hard stones, clay and wood.
  • Restoring missing part of sculpture by Dutchmen technique or by patching.