European-Trained in Historic Building Restoration and Master Stone Carver.


I grew up in Poland. In a city with a history from the early Middle Age. Since the beginning of my life, I observed historic buildings in the oldest parts of the city which were created through many architectural styles. The gothic church walls were decorated in later times, with renaissance and baroque altars and sculptures. They told stories about the dukes that inhabited these huge buildings. I looked at the old castles and palaces with their still existing original architectural details, providing an idea about lost rich cultures. I learned to be sensitive for cultural heritage and was eager to obtain such education.

In 1996, I finished high school where I specialized in the renovation of historic architecture. In 2002, I received a master degree in preservation of cultural heritage and conservation of architecture from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Faculty of Fine Arts. I had the opportunity to work on very important pieces of historical value in Poland, such as the Roman theater in the Lazienki Park in Warsaw. During my years of study, I obtained knowledge of the history of fine arts and architecture since before the ancient to Art Nouveau and Contemporary Art periods.

I learned stylistic languages from the renaissance, baroque or classic periods are very popular. My knowledge of the history of fine arts is very useful. Having the architectural forms, sculptures, and details of European heritage at my disposal, gives me the possibility of choice. I can provide you with an idea of the style that you want for your interior design, fireplace or sculptures. We can recreate ambiance of your favorite age to the smallest detail.

I moved to USA in 2003 and started work in restoration field. The most interesting projects I was invited to work with were at Arlington National Cemetery VA, Restoration of Ord and Weitzel Gate in 2015 and Sheridan Gate in 2017. And Dutchman repairs and training at MIT building#50,

Best time and great experience was at Indiana Limestone Symposium, Elletsville IN June 2017. I was working with 20 sculptors and their artistic projects.

Pawel Nawrocki