Stone Carving

We carve sculptures and architectural details. We will work with you on your custom design.  3D Sculpture, Bas Relief, Figurative art, Abstract. Fireplace surrounding, fountain,…CIS will do installation of own products as well.

We can restore and create a copy of any architectural details and sculpture. Each project is individual and our approach is that. We can do JAHN restoration, DUTCHMAN repair, Modeling, making mold and casting and carving in Stone.

Evanston, IL. Roycemore School. The Griffin sculpture is my gift for school, where my youngest daughter is learning. I worked on it during the 2020 lockdown and installed in February 2021.

God Of Winds, Carrara Marble.

Chicago, IL. 1250 W. Madison, Ave.

Arlington National Cemetery, Ord and Weitzel Gate Urn Restoration.

Arlington National Cemetery, Sheridan Gate Restoration.

Lions Head. Indiana Limestone.

Burr Oak Cemetery. IL. Granite.

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November 17, 2016 at 6:47 pm

Sheer perfection ! While others are destroying , it is a joy to see one such as yourself restoring and creating new masterworks. Here’s wishing great success in all that you do.
Always , Lulu

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